2 years, 8 months, 17 days

Putting this portfolio together has brought up a lot of conflicting emotions. I'm excited to be so close to the end of the program, a little sad that I won't be in school any more, and slightly frustrated that my cat, Celeste, has insistently tried to lie on my laptop keyboard as I designed and coded this site. When I started this program in 2006, I didn't anticipate how different my life would be when I finished, nor did I think that I would have changed so much over what seemed like such a short time. Over the course of this program, I have bought a house, gotten promoted, recovered from some serious health problems, overworked myself for a company that would eventually lay me off, been unemployed, conducted research for the U.S. Impact project, fallen asleep in libraries, woken up with ink from photocopies on my face, missed ferries, worked on terrible and terrific team projects, gotten a better job, become the default answer finder for most of my friends, and learned more than I imagined. I've been stressed and elated, despairing and optimistic, team member and leader, student and teacher. I've had moments of unfathomable confusion and complete clarity. And all the while, my cat has never stopped trying to sleep on my keyboard.

Houston, we have a problem

Celeste laying on my keyboard as I attempt to read class postings from LIS 510 in October, 2006

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